Hi Social Media Mavens,
I stumbled across this: Ways to add a live Twitter feed or live website to a PowerPoint Presentation …and thought I would pass it along…wish I had known sooner! Thought it might be helpful for anyone who makes PowerPoint Presentations to file away for future use. In the live Twitter Feed you could add any feed you want whether a Twitter profile, hashtag or search term. CrAzY!  Could come in handy for #Rivalry150 or other…I went through the steps and it works.

1. How to add a Twitter (LIVE) feed into a Power Point Presentation.


 2. How to add a live webpage into a PowerPoint Presentation.

(Great way to completely embed a video, but also great if you are showing a presentation don’t want to have to jump out of the PowerPoint to review a website/ page.)


Brooke McDermott
Manager of Social Media