SciArt presents 'The New Mimesis' at Nuture Nature Center

Presenting the work of 17 tri-state area artists and their visual expression of the theme of biomimicry, The New Mimesis opens Friday, Feb. 10 at Nurture Nature Center, 518 Northampton St., Easton, Pa.  The exhibition asks what we can learn from the patterns and forces of nature in order to better understand ourselves, improve our technology, advance our science, and evolve our culture.

Co-curated by Lafayette College art major Julia Brennan ’17 and New York City neuro-artist and SciArt in America editor Julia Buntaine, this collaborative exhibit from Nurture Nature Center and SciArt Center will present visual expressions of biomimicry or mimicking nature in prints, paintings, sculpture and various media.

It features works by the artists Brigitte Caramana, Donna Cleary, Evan Daniel, Lia Embil, Michael Flomen, Nestor Gil, Luis Schettino, Ken Jones, Robert Lach, Anthony Heinz May, David Mazure, Connor Pirruccello-McClellan, Jocelyn Shu, Jim Toia, Hanna Washburn, Rebecca Welz, Rachael Wren, and Jing Zhou.

Julia Brennan '17, co-curator of "The New Mimesis"

Julia Brennan ’17, co-curator of “The New Mimesis”

Pieces by Lafayette faculty members will be featured, including director of community arts program Jim Toia, art professor Nestor Gil and neuroscience professor Luis Schettino.

Artwork by two Lafayette students  will be presented as well. Connor Pirruccello-McClellan ’17, pursuing a double major in art and English, created a work that is also part of his thesis work. The creation by art major Lia Embil ’17 was inspired by her geology studies with Prof. David Sunderlind and is also part of her senior thesis.

Julia Buntaine is the Editor in Chief of SciArt in America, curator of exhibitions at the SciArt Center in Manhattan and writes articles and critical reviews about the growing interest in collaborative art and science. Brennan has been working as a SciArt intern since last summer.

“Because of our close proximity to New York, Julia (Buntaine) comes here pretty frequently to work on the show,” says Brennan, “but I’ve been able to be her eyes and ears in Easton, collecting works to be featured and organizing the show’s base imagery. It’s a really great learning period and experience for me. I’ve curated student shows before but this is the first time I’ve done this on a professional level. I definitely want to do more curation when I graduate.”

An opening reception will be held 6:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 10 at Nurture Nature Center, 518 Northampton St., Easton, Pa. Learn more about the event on Facebook.

The exhibition runs through April 16. Hours are Saturday and Wednesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday 6-9 p.m., or by appointment. Check back often with Nuture Nature Center for more events and updates.

Contact Julia Brennan ’17,, for more information.

Nuture Nature Center, at 518 Northampton St. in Easton, is a community center that teaches families about science and the environment. More info: (610) 253-4432,


Photos: Courtesy of Lafayette College

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