As an authorized representative of Lafayette College you should register your social media account(s) with Manager of Social Media in the Communications Division, if you plan to, or currently use social media to communicate with students, faculty, staff or visitors on behalf of Lafayette.

Please take a minute to fill out the Social Media Registration form, so your social media presence can be added to the official Lafayette Social Media Directory for easy access. Also please see the “Naming Conventions” section on the Getting Your Social Media Started page.

Upon registration, the primary social media administrator’s name will be added to the Social Media Working Group – an open, voluntary group of campus social media practitioners that meets monthly and offers a forum for education, discussion and the exchange of information on topics that include: best practices, strategies, content & branding.

Your account will be put into a work flow for the creation of a profile icon by the Communications graphic design team with your input and approval.

The aim of this registration process is to loop you into the ever-growing network of social media practitioners on campus, so that your efforts can reap the best results and Lafayette’s overall social media can adhere to high professional standards.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact: Brooke McDermott, Manager of Social Media,Communications Division,, 610-330-5690