If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Brooke McDermott, manager of social media, Communications Division, mcdermob@lafayette.edu, (610) 330-5690.

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Needs Assessment

Consider what you wish to accomplish and determine which social media are best suited for those needs. Don’t feel the need to have a presence in social media just because others do. An assessment worksheet will help you determine whether you should create a social media account.

Account Registration

Official social media accounts are those authorized to speak on behalf of a department, service area or organization at Lafayette College.  An account should only be created in the name of the College if you are authorized by the highest-ranking member of your department, service area or organization.

As an authorized representative of Lafayette College you should register your social media account(s) with the Digital Media Team within the Communications Division. Please take a minute to fill out the Social Media Registration Form so that your social media account(s) can be added to the Lafayette Social Media Directory.

Upon registration, the primary social media administrator’s name will be added to the Social Media Working Group—an open, voluntary group of campus social media practitioners that meets monthly and offers a forum for education, discussion, and the exchange of information.

Your account will be put into a work flow for the creation of a profile icon by the Communications graphic design team with your input and approval.

The aim of this registration process is to include you in the ever-growing network of social media practitioners on campus, so that your efforts can earn the best results and the Lafayette social media network can benefit from professional presentation and consistency.

Naming Conventions

It is very important to follow naming conventions when setting up a new social media account. This helps build a cohesive identity for Lafayette’s social media across departments, raises awareness of the social media channels at Lafayette, and helps users locate relevant Lafayette units in search results.

Account names should begin with “Lafayette College” or “Lafayette” followed by the department or organization, e.g. Lafayette College Alumni Connections. Twitter addresses should use @LafCol (insert name), @Laf (insert name), or @LC (insert name).

Logos and Avatars

An avatar is a graphic associated with your social media account. Individuals most often use a head shot for personal accounts, but organizations use their logo. All official Lafayette social media accounts should use a logo created by the graphics design team in the Communications Division.

Once your social media account is registered with the manager of social media, a request for a profile icon/logo will be submitted and one will be created with your input and approval.

The Communications Division uses a logo template that integrates mobile icons with the logo “L” insignia used on our print materials (web palette RGB 145 0 41). Use of a logo template helps keep a consistent and professional image for Lafayette’s branding in social media, and helps conform to the Design and Editorial Style Guides.


Your accounts will be listed in the social media directory on the Lafayette website once you are registered. Also, it is wise to include your social media account addresses under your email signature, on your website, and on any posters or other promotional materials. Follow the Social Matters blog for tips, articles, and information on mini-workshops and other resources to help you grow your fans, friends or followers.

Evaluation and Metrics

Before you start, think about how your social media will differ from your website. They should complement each other, not provide redundant information.

Take a look at what others with similar audiences and goals are doing effectively.

Make use of the excellent metrics contained within Facebook. If you need guidance in how best to use and interpret these, see the Social Matters blog or contact the manager of social media.