Following Lafayette College on social media? Here are our community guidelines you must adhere to

Thank you for being a part of Lafayette College’s social media communities.

The College’s official social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube are managed by Lafayette Communications. Additionally, individual departments within the College, including Lafayette College Athletics, manage accounts across multiple social media platforms. Our social media aims to engage with students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and the surrounding community, and we welcome your interaction via comments, direct messages, and story replies on posts.

Any and all Lafayette College accounts reserve the right but are not obligated to delete comments, replies or other interactions that they deem to be in violation of the College’s Social Media Community Guidelines or the community standards of the social media platform. 

Failure to comply may result in the College’s accounts permanently blocking and/or banning you from our social media platforms.

Posting and/or Commenting on Lafayette College Social Media

Lafayette College welcomes comments on these pages but encourages civil discourse.

A comment, post, or tag may be hidden or removed if it:

  • Defames or attacks a person or group of people
  • Contains political endorsements
  • Contains discriminatory language or hate speech
  • Contains foul language, including symbols or intentional misspellings used to suggest profanity 
  • Contains personal or confidential information
  • Is violent or contains violent words, threats, or the intent to harm
  • Constitutes or encourages illegal activity
  • Is indecent or sexually explicit in nature
  • Promotes a business unrelated to the College
  • Violates intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark)
  • Compromises the safety or security of Lafayette College community members or the public
  • Is spam 
  • Is off-topic or repetitive 
  • Any other reason as deemed appropriate by the Communications Division

Lafayette College is not responsible for comments posted by visitors. Commenters are personally responsible for their own comments, username, and any information they post on our social media.

Tagging Lafayette College’s Social Media

We encourage members of Lafayette College to tag us in relevant content. Examples of relevant content includes:

  • Photos of campus
  • Photos from a campus life or athletic event
  • An individual sporting Lafayette College gear
  • A newly accepted student excited to become a member of the College community

Anonymous accounts of any kind will not be tolerated and may be blocked by the College and prevented from tagging the College in posts. 

Lafayette College account(s) may choose to manually approve tags; they also reserve the right to untag the institution from content for any reason.

Platform Specific Community Guidelines

As a reminder, every social media platform has their own specific set of community guidelines that also must be followed. 







Guidelines Date: 07/27/2021

Last Updated: 10/27/2021